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Coordinated appliance distribution and commercial lpgas ( CADACLPGAS) is a Zimbabwean registered distribution company trading as a wholesaler, retailer and marketer of wide range of lpgas fired outdoor leisure, patio, domestic, commercial appliances designed for durability, portability and convenience. The main focus of our product range is LPG powered domestic and commercial appliances.      







Cadaclpgas a division of Anifar Investments, was founded in 2012 with main focus on coordinated distribution of LPGAS domestic and commercial appliances.

To be recognized as the top quality, safe and reliable LPGas and equipment delivery service provider in the region.

We aspire a world class service to our partners and clients, whilst leading in efficiency and long term sustainability.


  • We are service and customer focused and believe in the value of long term relationship.
  • We express innovative ideas and deliver the best obtainable solutions to our customers.


  • We are cost conscious, quality focused and work in the best interest of all parties.
  • We take ownership and accept responsibility, taking accountability for actions and consequences.


  • We treat everybody with dignity and respect, encouraging diversity of opinions and backgrounds.
  • We believe in interaction and contribution to a positive ,energizing, optimistic and fun environment.

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Trust Surge to help you find the best solution for your home, business or enterprise.

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Trust Surge to help you find the best solution for your home, business or enterprise.


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