As previously mentioned in Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Aphrodite have a great number of attributes


Because a daughter away from Ouranos, Aphrodite is actually a highly effective goddess, especially because – within her terminology – “like results in even the gods on their hips”. Percy after acknowledged one Aphrodite’s energies terrified him over Ares.


However, the largest of all the try the woman girdle, which had the ability to render people woman which dressed in it enticing on opposite gender, therefore was named a smooth sash stitched that have views regarding courtship, romance, and delightful individuals performing breathtaking one thing.

Aphrodite’s sacred fresh fruit is the apple (most likely down to Paris’ reasoning for the Apple away from Dissension). This lady sacred plant life will be the daffodil, the new myrtle, the fresh rose, and anemone (the second a few got blossomed regarding blood away from her beloved Adonis). Among their sacred vegetation ‘s the lettuce. The woman sacred gem ‘s the pearl, since it came from the sea identical to she did. The woman sacred pets will be dove, the latest sparrow, the latest swan, brand new dolphin additionally the hare. Additional symbols are definitely the echo as well as the scallop shell.


Aphrodite also offers numerous loyal attendants, in addition to Eros (this lady son and men equal), Hymenaios (the brand new jesus out of marriage ceremonies), Ganymede (the brand new goodness out of gay love and you can attention), the three Charites (exactly who serve as their handmaidens), and Erotes – miniature winged love gods.


Venus are Aphrodite’s Roman aspect. She’s children otherwise descendants at the Camp Jupiter close Bay area, along with Michael Kahale. The brand new Greeks anticipated Aphrodite as a keen and beautiful are. New Romans acclaimed Venus while the divine ancestress of the society, because the mommy regarding Aeneas, whom sailed so you can Italy after the slide of Troy and whose descendants Romulus and you may Remus in fact centered Rome. It needs to be detailed thus you to Venus gained relevance just like the a good deity from government and you will victory because of the Romans, and has epithets like Venus Victrix and you may Venus Genetrix when you look at the this lady jobs away from Venus, deity of profit, and you will Venus, mommy off Rome, respectively.

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